Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Deloitte Belgium: "Reputation is assumed not only on an organisational level but by each individual"

Mark Torfs, Risk & Reputation Leader of Deloitte Belgium, wrote the following about brand protection on the Deloitte website: "The professional services sector has undergone tremendous change in the last few years, not least because of well publicised scandals that have put into question the integrity of the industry. The major task of professional services firms, therefore, has been to re-establish the trust of customers, regulators and the general public. For us specifically, these are efforts that help protect the value of the Deloitte brand. In parallel with this has been an adjustment from a self-regulated environment to one of significant new government rulings and third-party oversight.
He added: "As a professional services firm, our reputation and brand are critical to our company's success and future. Our image, and the quality that stands behind it, helps us attract and retain high-level talent and clients, thereby allowing us to thrive and achieve excellence in the delivery of all our services.
Consequently, protecting the brand through the establishment of strict internal policies and high ethical expectations is a major priority for the Deloitte global organisation, as well as the Belgian firm. Responsibility for carrying out this task is assumed not only on an organisational level but by each individual in Deloitte."
We couldn't have said it better, Mark. :-)

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